(GLAD Brand Manager)

- Brand package development management
- Marketing tool development management (promotional media content)
- PB product design management
- Glad GATE PAGE (main brand homepage & IT solution management)
- Brand contractor branch operation status management (inspection)
- Hotel development PM / TS (GLOBAL BRAND outsourcing)
  Total Management
- Business planning, authorization/permit
- Design (building, interior, signage, FF&E, M&E, OS&E)
- Construction management
- Pre-opening management & inspection approval
- IT Solution defining & management
- 전문운영사 General Manager로의 인수인계
  (프로젝트 완료)

상호호환 화살표 아이콘 상호호환 화살표 아이콘


(GLAD HOTEL Operator)

- Operating organization management
- Operation contracting (including outsourcing)
- Education/Training
- Integrated sales & operation marketing
- Integrated booking system operation
- Integrated procurement management
- Company-operated branch management
  (Jeongseon Mayhills Hotel)


Lifestyle hotel brand “GLAD”-owned assets valued at approximately 356.6 billion won, with a 1,926-room-sized development project underway

A+D Co., Ltd. is the brand manager of the lifestyle hotel “GLAD”, supervising design, planning and development of all GLAD, MAISON GLAD, GLAD LIVE properties to realize a hotel culture founded on customer’s trust. A+D’s brand services are intended to maintain the consistent quality of the tone and value of GLAD to win customer’s trust and thereby deliver the image of “GLAD to MEET YOU”. To develop a brand that can imprint trust in customer’s memory and experience, A+D delivers development and PM (real property management) services with combined contents in the domain of hospitality industry. A+D owns a retail platform brand ‘replace’ intended to vary to meet changing requirements of not only hotel but also other space and founded on unique philosophy and personality, and provides a total solution covering project development and feasibility study, planning, tendering, product design/development to post-construction PM (property management), LM (lease management), etc. in the entire spectrum of real properties including commercial facilities, complex infrastructure, residential buildings, etc.

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Glad Hotel & Resort having over 40 year-long knowhow of hotel operation

Incorporated in 1977, Glad Hotel & Resort opened Ora Country Club in 1979, Jeju Grand Hotel in 1981, joined Daelim group in 1986, won the 10 million dollars tourism promotion tower award in 1992, building professional hotel operation knowhow based on industry-leading profitability and financial integrity for over 40 years. Glad Hotel & Resort was contracted as the operator of Mayhills Resort in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province in 2011, and set its foot for the first time in Yeouido, launching the new brand GLAD in 2014. Lifestyle hotel Glad Live Gangnam for trend setters were opened in 2016, Glad Gangnam COEX center in 2017, and Glad Mapo in 2018 to deliver practical and customer-centric services unique to GLAD. In addition, Jeju Grand Hotel known as one of the iconic tourist hotels of Jeju was transformed into ‘Maison Glad Jeju’ hotel in 2015 which is a five-star hotel having the greatest number of guestrooms in Jeju with 513 rooms, serving as a landmark of Jeju in combination with the time-honored Ora Country Club. Upholding the pragmatism of Daelim as its core value, Glad Hotel & Resort will contribute to extending the brand of Glad by making decisions informed by specific and accurate understanding of customers, data and analytics, corporate management, prompt planning and execution.

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