“GLAD to meet you”

Mission of GLAD HOTEL stems from word “GLAD,” which means “happy”, “pleased,” and “willing to do.” Like the meaning of the word, GLAD HOTEL is a leading lifestyle hotel brand that delivers delight experience for customers. GLAD is a hotel brand developed by Daelim, expanding its differentiated presence with practicality and familiarity as core value, In particular, affiliates of Daelim Group has built a value chain, in which they work out on their own from project planning and development to hotel construction and operation, which creates a synergy effect. Daelim Industry and Samho, which have rich track record of hotel construction, are engaged in hotel construction and knowhow and personnel of GLAD HOTELS & RESORTS having been operating hotels over 40 years are being used for hotel operation. Starting with the opening of GLAD YEOUIDO in 2014 reflecting value of practicality and familiar service, GLAD has expressed various lifestyles of this age and expanded brand lineup to full facility-based MEJONG GLAD JEJU embracing local sensitivity of Jeju in 2015 and GLAD LIVE GANGNAM inspired by entertainment of trendy youth. Unlike the stereotyped hotels, GLAD is a lifestyle hotel designed to make you feel special in daily life. In this space, you can enjoy your perfect GLAD moment.


GLAD is a lifestyle hotel where you can enjoy everything as if you were at home.

Practicality and comfort are value and philosophy that GLAD hotel is pursuing. What are necessary are faithfully prepared and what are unnecessary are boldly excluded. High accessibility and guest rooms more comfortable than home offer a real rest for customers, while the design reflecting local characteristics, various facilities, and service with familiar wit will provide joyful experience to customers.

Comfort All hotel branches of GLAD are located in the subway influential area, so delivers convenience in terms of transportation. GLAD improves accessibility for customers and considers local characteristics. Full facility hotel MAISON GLAD JEJU, practicality-based hotel GLAD YEOUIDO, GLAD MAPO, and trendy entertain-based GLAD LIVE GANGNAM are all located five minutes away from their nearest subway station by walk. In addition, all GLAD hotels provide the best-quality beddings and premium mattresses and also offer customized pillow upon request of the customer, which builds a comfortable sleeping environment fit for each customer.

New Experience Each GLAD hotel shows its contents with local characteristics reflected. Considering local features and customers’ lifestyle, facilities, F&B menus, and even professionalism of personnel were designed. GLAD MAN lives with kind and unique tone and manners of GLAD. As if communicating with familiar neighborhood, they deliver trust and easement to customers. They naturally serve customers taking into account individual preference and situation and provide excellent experience differentiated from other existing hotels.

Design Language GLAD’s distinguished characteristic design holding aesthetic value as well as delivering practicality for functions and purposes is brand value of GLAD. The design, which is not just decoration but breathes with the customer, is GLAD’s unique way of communication with the customer. The faithful-to-the-basics design is a first button of elegant GLAD culture. In addition, GLAD exhibits valuable art objects (Finn Juhl, Troika, and Nam Jun Paik) in hotel spaces to meet the customer’s artistic needs. Furthermore, we suggest the art and culture introduction route, an associated program with Daelim Museum, and provide a number of opportunities to enjoy a variety of contents.